What to Expect on Sunday Morning

August 14, 2013 No Comments

“Worship should speak to our experiences in life, challenge us to develop deeper relationships, and connect us to things that are beyond ourselves—be that in human relationships, struggles for justice, or a connection with nature or God or any other profound mystery.”–Unitarian Universalist Association

Many people have questions about what to expect on Sunday morning. Worship in our congregation includes singing together, listening to inspirational readings and a sermon, reciting an affirmation of our values , and acknowledging each other in fellowship. We share with one another the joys that uplift and sustain us, as well as the sorrows for which we need support. The root of the word worship is “to shape something of worth,” and together we shape what is worthy and of value in our lives.

New people come to our services from many different backgrounds and life experiences. Our church is a friendly group of people that looks forward to greeting you and your family. We hope to see you soon!