Communications and Office Manager

The UU Church in Livermore is seeking to fill a communications and office management position in August 2019.

We are looking for a skilled person to be our new Communications and Church Office Manager, who will manage our dedicated volunteer team and directly contribute as needed to satisfy the communication and administrative needs of our congregation.

Job Description 

July 15, 2019

Position Title: Communications and Church Office Manager  

Supervisor: Minister

Expected Hire Date: Mid-August, 2019

Hours: 24 hours per week; mostly on weekdays on-site with occasional off-site hours as negotiated with your supervisor; occasional Sunday mornings as needed

Salary:  $27 per hour; pro-rated benefits.

Our church aims to grow in living our mission and attracting others with shared values to join with us.

You are a skilled individual with a variety of people-management, administrative, technical, inreach, and outreach proficiencies to meet the needs of our community. If you don’t have all of the necessary proficiencies yet, you have the desire and capacity to learn them as needed. Some tasks will be your responsibility.  Other tasks will require delegating and managing individual volunteers and volunteer teams. 



Newsletter: Gather and line edit the weekly newsletter and periodic announcements.  Develop other communication tools (possibly a monthly newsletter, staff blog, etc).

Sunday Bulletin: Assure completion of orders of service, the content of which are generated by service leaders each week. Gather and incorporate weekly announcements for printed bulletin.

Printed Flyers, Brochures, etc: In consultation with relevant committee chairs and staff, create design elements for flyers, forms, brochures with material provided by minister, board, committee chairs (with approval) and produce the approved materials.

Board Meeting Agenda: Gather and assemble reports and data for board’s monthly meeting as needed.

Congregational Annual Report: Coordinate with committees, church groups, and staff to obtain inputs for the congregation’s written annual report. Pull the reports together, format, print and distribute.

Video Editing and Uploading: Use church equipment to edit and upload video of our Sunday services and other events, and post either parts of or the entire service. Upload to the church website and send appropriate clips to social media.  Use and show others how to use video cart, microphones and other similar equipment.

Social Media: Regularly post on church Facebook page, Instagram, Meetup, and any other current social media platforms material about church events, profiles, etc; initiate conversations, and respond to comments and queries.

Website: keep website up-to-date in all areas, including online congregational directory and materials approved for placement on website.

Database: Manage database(s): maintain member information and other data on church databases for ease of use by the minister, board and other designated persons. Ensure consistency of databases across software platforms. Publish member directories.

Church Office Management

Maintain Office Relationships with Members, Friends, Renters, and Vendors: Staff the office and ensure necessary communications and follow-through to maintain good relationships and ensure completion of essential tasks. Answer phones, process email and other messages, receive and distribute mail.

Building and Resource Use: Maintain events calendar, room use/rental calendar, and Zoom calendar. Establish building use agreements with internal and outside resource users, including rental payments, as needed. Manage distribution of keys and resources.

Vendors, Supplies: Maintain relationships with vendors and contractors directly or in support of specific congregational members (chair of building & grounds; chair of membership, scheduler of office volunteers, etc) and in support of administrative functions.

Financials: Receive payments from renters and contributors and enter in weekly log. Pay bills weekly and enter into Quickbooks. Ensure all automated payments are tracked in Quickbooks. Work with treasurer and bookkeeper to monitor line item expenditures and inform committees and other organizations of any limits.

Phone, Internet, Computer and Software Systems: Manage the office equipment, phone, internet, computer, and software systems and their functionality, including onsite equipment, software and vendor support. Train users in the use of office systems.

Additional Administrative Duties

Assist Minister, Staff, and Board: Assist minister, staff, and board members or their designees in development of office and communications policies and procedures.

Budget: Develop and submit office and communications-related budget. Track and manage expenditures in these areas.

Weekly Staff Meetings: Meet weekly with the minister and staff team at minister’s discretion.

Monthly Reports: Submit a brief monthly report to the minister for integration into their monthly report for the board.

Technical Skills

Hardware: MacIntosh, PC.

Software Proficiencies: G-Suite, Office 365, Constant Contact, Quickbooks, PowerChurch member database, WordPress, Zoom, Text-In-Church, Video and Image editing applications.

Social Media Proficiencies: Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, Twitter.

You will be expected to quickly learn whatever you need to complete and delegate the tasks as indicated above, have the ability to learn new and updated software as necessary, and train volunteers to effectively use the tools you manage.