This year’s annual General Assembly (GA) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), of which we are a member congregation, is happening Wednesday through Sunday this week. Thousands of Unitarian Universalists, representing our many congregations, will come together (virtually, of course) to celebrate our faith, to worship together, to learn from one another, to engage the issues of our day, and to make important descions about our common work as an association of congregations.

Most years, participation in the annual GA involves travel and all the associated costs and hassles. But this year it will be much more convenient because we can participate virtually from our homes. Everyone is welcome to the public events that are part of GA, free of charge. The first public event, today, Wednesday, June 24 5:45-6:30pm Pacific, is General Session 1, at which we meet the leadership of this GA, and our delegates vote to establish the rules for this General Assembly.

Live Streaming of General Session 1 (with online chat) can be accessed from the comfort of your home here:

Here’s where you can learn about the public events that are coming up the rest of this week:

And here’s where you can learn about the full program, available to everyone who registers this week: