Beloved Members and Friends at UUCiL,

I am so keenly aware that we are facing an ever increasing number of reasons to be anxious. Covid 19 is surging once more, and yet we are weary. We are weary in our bones from sheltering in place, from the isolation, from the anxiousness of not knowing what comes next or whether we or others we love will get this disease. We are weary from the pandemic of racism too. There is too much pain and sometimes it feels so overwhelming that we can feel lost on our next steps. Take a breath dear ones, and remember there is a whole community of compassion and love with you. None of us have answers as to what lies ahead of us. But I was so profoundly moved by one of the key messages from General Assembly, to lean into uncertainty. Uncertainty does not need to be our enemy. In fact, it can help us to simply be more present to each other and to ourselves.┬áThere is so much that we all have to worry about, but sometimes it’s the little blessings that carry us through and remind us that we will persevere.

As I write this, I can feel my unborn daughter kicking up a storm. And my toddler is kicking a ball outside. We will kick our way forward too! This past weekend, we observed our nation’s day of independence. And with that, there is both celebration and reflection on who is able to actually achieve that sense of independence and freedom in our country. Although we celebrate a very particular year as our “nation’s birthday,” I am reminded that independence was not a moment, but a process. And we are in a process to include everyone in that sense of freedom.

With this ever changing world, there is new life and new opportunity. I know there have been a lot of changes recently. And we are tempted to lean into what we feel is perhaps our only constant: the care and love we receive at UUCiL. And I encourage you to see that as an opportunity too. Because our mission is “to grow together in spirit, reason, fellowship, and justice.” And we have so many opportunities to continue to grow. I may only be with you all for another month before I focus full time on bringing a new child into the world, but it will be quite an extraordinary month! Join me, friends, as we live our mission. We are truly together for all of it!

Blessings and Love,

Rev. Ellie Kilpatrick