Dear Ones,

I never imagined that 2021 would begin with a historic event out of most of our nightmares. The new year has already started out as a roller coaster. Many of us have shed tears upon seeing our Capitol breached, with confederate flags flying. I also could not imagine 4,000 American deaths from Covid 19 in a single day. As we made our way into a new year, I so hoped that joy and hope would be my first instinct. I dreamed of sharing in the new worship theme of imagination for creativity in looking ahead. We may be tempted to lose our positive sense of imagination, that our better angels will guide the year ahead. And in spite of the horror of Wednesday’s events, with white supremacist terrorism on full display, tyranny did not win the day. The democratic process persisted because we have a greater imagination for who we actually want to be. And there is hope on the horizon from this pandemic because scientists had the diligence and imagination to create vaccines with tremendous efficacy and safety in record timing.  Now the work and joy of our imagination begins. As exhausted and angry as we are with death and hatred, it is our love and imagination that will bring new life. Thank you to everyone in our community who continues to show that we are and will always be a community of support, compassion, and justice. May we bless 2021 with all that we are.

Blessings and my abundant love to you all,

Rev. Ellie Kilpatrick