Three Ways to Give

Making our world a more just and compassionate place is at the heart of our faith. Every Sunday, 50% of our ‘Sunday offering’ goes to support a local service organization. We’re currently supporting Tri-Valley Havena vital community resource serving adults and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or homelessness. 

Give Online

Be sure to

  1. Sign in if you already made online contributions in the past
  2. Sign up if you plan to give in the future

Paying by credit card? Please consider checking the box to add 2.75% credit card processing fee 

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Give via Phone App

To setup:

Download Give+ from your app store and follow onscreen instructions.

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Give+ Mobile FAQs

Give via Text 844-989-0891

Our church Give+ phone number is 844-989-0891 

Give+ Text Quick Guide 

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Example texts: 

Text ’10 sunday’ to put $10 in ‘the basket’. 1/2 of the donation goes to charity.

Text ‘100 pledge’ to pay $100 towards your current year pledge. 

Text ‘5 minister’ to contribute $5 to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. 

Text ‘7 homeless’ to contribute $7 to the Homeless Outreach Fund. 

Church Funds

When donating, you will have to choose what fund your money will go towards. Below are descriptions of our current funds.

Sunday Collection

Half of donations go to a local service organization. The other half go towards keeping the church running and supporting our community.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

 Our minister has a fund to support congregants in need.


Annual Pledge

Part of church membership is pledging to donate to the church annually. Some members pledge $5, some pledge $5,000. The pledges are fulfilled through donations throughout the year.