Circle Suppers

About Circle Suppers

Are you ready to break bread in good, real-live company again? Circle Suppers are back! These informal meals are a great way to get to know church members better and reconnect with familiar faces. In these friendly gatherings, groups of 6-10 church members get together about once a month to share a meal and conversation. Members old and new enjoy this yummy, low-pressure opportunity to make connections with each other.

Once groups are formed, members coordinate schedules and safety requirements and preferences to determine best dates and places to meet, and depending on group size and availability, the rotation continues anywhere from 3 – 5 months. People can take turns hosting at their home, but groups have also been known to meet for a picnic at a favorite park. It is expected that the host provides the main dish, while sides, drinks, and desserts are sorted out among the rest of the group.

If you are unable to host or make regular commitments, you can also participate as an alternate. Alternates are not regular group members; instead, they are called in if a regular group member is unable to attend.

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